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​Maxi Dresses are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Posted by EdAnne Rowe-Taylor on 16th Feb 2021

When it comes to choosing dresses there is so much to choose from which can be overwhelming you have to think about the location however a maxi dress is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.Maxi dresse … read more

Leggings are back in Vogue for now anyway

Posted by EdAnne Rowe-Taylor on 8th Feb 2021

What is wrong with leggings? I think they are so cool. For years leggings have been debated and, in this article, we discuss why leggings are back and hopefully for good.Fashion is subjective wha … read more
Khaddar: The Fabric of Revolution

Khaddar: The Fabric of Revolution

Posted by Hinna Kazi on 22nd Oct 2020

When it comes to refreshing our new season wardrobes with readymade salwar kameez suits, we’re always looking forward to new styles that have contemporary details and designs but one thing t … read more